To provide you with a complete robotic system solution, we collaborate with leading robotics manufacturers to create unique end-of-arm tools, controls, and equipment. Modern technologies for flexible automation solutions that increase production are used by our robots, which are user-friendly and straightforward. Our robotic devices offer a high degree of ability and intelligence and are both human and environmentally friendly. We provide extensive capability that is also simple to use. It contributes to more productivity, cheaper costs, and higher quality in automation projects. The robotic palletizers save costs, increase safety standards, and enhance working environments. Robotic palletizing is gaining popularity and becoming more accessible. The solutions can be included into both new and current lines.


Pick & Place

High-speed pick and place robots take product from one location to another with pinpoint accuracy. Which increases faster productivity and output.

Robotic Palletization

Robotic palletizing uses cutting-edge technologies to give you a highly tailored solution. For fully automated pallet construction and de-palletizing processes, palletizing robots can also handle pallets, slip sheets, and tier sheets.

Robotic Packing

Robots are capable of accurately and effectively picking one or more items to pack one or more cases in a cycle. Robotic packing systems allow firms to increase throughput, reliability, and accuracy of orders while decreasing labor and safety expenses.

Robotic Vision

The sophisticated and potent visual guiding gives contemporary robots greater intelligence. Robotic systems are capable of grasping the majority of material-handling activities and successfully identifying and tracking a wide range of parts that are in their visual field. Our knowledge encompasses all significant visual technologies.

Automation world solutions are experts in the field of robotics and automation systems. Our robotics and automation systems solutions will automate your production lines where small batch runs and sensitive, difficult components have been impossible or too expensive to automate in the past.

All robotic and automation systems have a robotic arm for handling and manipulating the products, a camera system (optional) and share the same PC based control system and in most cases integrated with a standard robot controller.


SCARA Robots

Delta SCARA can be easily applied to production automation for higher flexibility in achieving smart and efficient production, and improving productivity, quality, and labour efficiency.



Articulated Robots

Delta’s new six-axis articulated robots applied to perform extremely dangerous tasks, improve flexible manufacturing, reduce manpower cost and save development time.




Cobots in industrial automation are the new frontier and will drive the automation market going forward. Designed with inherent safety features like the collision detection and force feedback.



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