Energy Management Systems

Single line diagram view

Gain granular access to the total energy consumption of your plant.

Patented Shield insights

The patented analytics engine throughs abnormalities in a prioritized manner for taking action.

Load manager

Switch loads on/off remotely for complete central control.

Configurable BI

A configurable and customizable dashboard to display the most critical KPIs for real-time management.

Specific energy consumption insight

Correlate energy cost with production at the machine level, line level, shop level, or plant level.

Integrate with ERP

The system can fetch data from major ERP systems for a seamless approach.`

Prioritize your energy efficiency initiatives

Focus on initiatives that are going to give you the highest returns. The energy management system provides vital insights to help you create your energy-saving roadmap.

Remote load management for central control

The energy management system has an optional load manager add-on that can centrally switch On/Offloads. Load management can be done by a central monitoring team or through the built-in scheduler.

Identify noncompliance for corrective action

Link near real-time data with customer experience feedback to identify areas of improvement.

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